Monday, March 7, 2011

Reema Khan Wedding Blue Film found on Internet

Pakistani hot actress Reema Khan again disappointed. Who expects to have run out of crazy patterns, they are wrong. Reema Khan in Lahore Lollywood film studio could again raises its turmoil clothing. In particular, therefore, its tires. She came to the extremely high boots, but who lacked the heel.   When Reema Khan stepped out of the car prior to the recording studio in Milan, first caught my neckline. With the neck to the waist showed half-exposed breasts.

More bizarre, but took his shoes. Black ankle boots with a heel sole giant has the Reema Khan in her blue film wore a few times and it did not turn out. But this time the shoe heel and a singer not only had to balance on tiptoes. Even so, maintaining "poker face" and went through the lenses of photographers without stumbling. She had help only when out of car.

Reema Khan wedding is already supported on shoes without heels learned to walk. They appeared at several events and she said this style of footwear, which suggests that floating around, very much.

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